Dear Campus Basement readers,
Are you curious to see who the incoming freshmen are? Do you want to hear how young and innocent they all are? Are you reminiscing when you were still in high school and were anticipating Cuse? Well you are in luck because I have recently gone undercover posing as an incoming freshman. I have been accepted in the Syracuse University Class of 2016 Facebook page and would to share with you some of the things that have been posted on this page.
Now remember that none of the following posts are made up and these are all viewable on the Facebook page.

• What’s everyones favorite crayola crayon color??? Scarlet is where its at….
• Who needs a roommate, I am a cool cat that knows how to get down. I like foosball, elephants, and the television show River Monsters. I have a state of the art of microwave with 43,000 watts so that won’t be a problem. But most of all I’m excited to get to the ‘CUSE
• Chicken noodle soup or french onion? Thoughts or even concerns. And then a reply with your favorite soup would be just great.
• I can’t wait to get to SU this Fall! Is it too early to ask about parties?
• Lookin for a roommate who’s chill as fuck and knows how to have a good time. add me if your interested
• Anyone else getting real childish at Disney for spring break?
• Are we allowed to bring our own t.v’s? Any other rules I should know of?
• Also as you go down the page you notice that about half of these kids plan on transferring into Newhouse next semester.

Remember how innocent we all once were.