After losing four of their final five games in the regular season, the Gators basketball team needed a boost heading into the SEC tournament.

They found it in the unlikeliest of opponents.

After losing a close 74-71 game to Kentucky in the SEC semifinals, Gators freshman Bradley Beal got an idea while shaking hands with Kentucky’s Anthony Davis.

“I made the plan to grow out playoff facial hair,” Beal said. “It was a great way to get our team closer together before heading into the tourney.”

Playoff beards are most common in professional hockey, but known to take place in every sport. However, the Gators’ new tradition had a little tweeze on it.

“I told them no plucking their unibrows until after we get knocked out of the big dance,” Beal said.”

Although the rest of the team was hesitant at first, they agreed to put down their tweezers until after the season.

Casey Prather, one of the players who was uncertain about growing out the unibrow, is now the biggest fan of the new look. After averaging just 1.5 points per game this season, Prather busted out with a career-high 14 points against Virginia.

“No wonder Anthony Davis rocks the unibrow,” Prather said. “Not only is it wind-resistant but it also keeps the sweat from dripping down my face.”

After demolishing Norfolk State 84-50 to advance to the Sweet 16, the Gators are coming together as one at the right time.