1. Dress up as a character from Mario Kart and convert a large box into a makeshift boxcar to wear. Keep bananas in makeshift boxcar. Throw a banana peel behind you as you walk. Repeat.

2. Wear a Ghost Busters costume and tackle every party guest in a ghost or monster themed costume. Demand compensation from the host.

3. Dress up as the Baton Girl from the football games. Go to a party at Baton Girl’s house.

4. Request that Christmas music is played.

5. Get a group of friends to wear grungy looking clothes and put on make-up to look beat up. Walk into a party at the same time, declare that this is now Fight Club and that because it’s everyone at the party’s first night, they have to fight. Be really drunk and really persistent.

6. Wear a costume that is a really obscure reference to a foreign indie film and/or the TV show ‘Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip.’ Act like a pretentious douchebag when nobody gets it.***

7. Dress up as Fred from Scooby Doo, ascot included. Unapologetically knock over people’s drinks and claim that “Red Herring did it.”

8. Wear a policeman costume and go around handcuffing any party guests without proper ID.

9. Wear a basketball jersey and go straight to the pong table. As soon as someone shoots, grab the ball from mid-air and slam dunk it into their own cup. Yell that “they just got stuffed!”

10. Wear a black robe and stand next to the jungle juice all night. Laugh maniacally whenever anybody fills their cup.

***This will actually get you invited back next weekend if it’s a hipster Halloween party.

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