Leap Day. It comes once every 4 years, and there’s not really a celebration that comes with it (although 30 Rock believes otherwise). It’s great if your birthday lands on February 29th, but for everyone else, it’s just an extra day of work and school.

But as college students, it’s our job to celebrate the most obscure holidays. So here are 10 ways to celebrate Leap Day.

1) Sit on the kissing bench alone. People like to joke that Leap Day “doesn’t count” as a real day ““ I mean, I understand their logic: February 29th is MIA every three out of four years. So by all means, sit on Syracuse’s prophetic kissing bench by yourself, and you won’t be damned to eternal loneliness for once.

2) Wish Ja Rule a happy birthday by listening to his songs in a non-nostalgic way.

3) Do those things you’ve never had time to do”¦like read your psych textbook.

4) Get 29% off of 229 items at Urban Outfitters, and reward their oh so clever promotions department.

5) Drink all day long. It’s an excuse to do so, and it’s good practice for when St. Patrick’s Day rolls around.

6) Propose to your boyfriend. It’s an Irish tradition that women are allowed to propose to their significant others on Leap Day ““ and if the man does not accept, he gets fined. This is the premise behind the movie Leap Year, but don’t watch it, you’ll lose two hours of your life that you’ll never get back.

7) Ignore it, and tell the Gregorian calendar to fuck off. Apparently it’s possible: two Johns Hopkins professors proposed to have a 364-day calendar and add a Leap Week at the end of December every five or six years. I’m down.

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