Syracuse Freshman Roger Garfield had his world rocked on Thursday, January 6th. While attending a family dinner at his grandmother’s, his uncle asked him how school was going. He responded with the obligatory “oh it’s good, I like it up there.” What his uncle said next would change Roger’s life for the next four years.

“You know it’s cold up there.”
Garfield stopped dead in his tracks. “Wait, what?”
“It gets really cold up in Syracuse, lots of snow, too.”
Garfield tried to regain his composure and rationalize what his uncle had said and a look of realization registered across his face. “THAT’S WHAT’S BEEN GOING ON!” he screamed. 
“I knew that there was something different about Syracuse, but I could just not put my finger on it. If my uncle hadn’t pointed it out I honestly would never have figured it out. I got frostbite on the way to class the other day because I was in shorts and I just could not put two and two together as to why that happened. My skateboard! I thought there was something wrong with it because I couldn’t ride it anymore, I threw it out! If only someone had told me it snows a lot in Syracuse sooner!”
There you have it, kids. Next time you tell someone you go to Syracuse and they respond with “it’s cold up there” or “hope you have a warm jacket” don’t roll your eyes, be grateful. There are freezing kids in families that don’t like to state the obvious.