Local Syracuse high school Senior, Lacey Mazza, is concerned about Syracuse University’s school year coming to an end. 

“During the school year, we’d all pretty much just dress up [read: slut it up] and walk right into house parties, sometimes talk our way into the frats, but now that all the students are home for the summer, we really don’t know where to go party.” complained Lacey.
High school seniors have been testing the waters at other local establishments to see if they could host their party needs elsewhere.
“We’ve established a pretty complex algorithm/grading system to pinpoint which locations in the area could replace Euclid and Comstock…so far, there are a lot of duds, but a few fierce competitors. For example, the JoAnn Fabrics parking lot has a fairly good score, as does Joey Peterson’s dad’s basement. If it’s a Thursday night then Joey’s dad’s house’s score nearly doubles since his stepmom drinks a glass of wine and passes out after Grey’s Anatomy.” explained Lacey.