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Article by Kevin Slack
February 28, 2012

Newhouse Announces “Sitting In Food.com Looking Pretentious” Major

Newhouse spokesman Carl Waiters announced Tuesday a massive curriculum overhaul, which included a new major at Syracuse’s flagship institution.  “The Newhouse School is constantly trying to evolve and adapt to fit the ever-changing landscape of the communications industry,” Waiters said in a statement to the press, “To that end, we will be incorporating a new... MORE »

Article by Annie Segal
February 23, 2012

Newhouse Freshman self-nominates COM 117 project for an Academy Award

Multimedia Storytelling (COM 117) is a required course for every Newhouse student. Freshman Jessica Serkiss took the class extremely seriously. Serkiss and her group received an A- for their 2 minute non-fiction film about Syracuse’s weird weather entitled “Where’s the Sunshine?”. Serkiss’s first thought upon seeing her grade was, “I totally deserved an A+, this... MORE »

Article by Rud
February 19, 2012

Newhouse Kids Incessantly Asking Cusack and Roberts to Be in Their Movie

With the news of Emma Roberts and John Cusack filming at Syracuse University buzzing around campus, many students were interested in much more than just spotting the two stars. Allegedly, Newhouse student after Newhouse student have approached the two “Adult World” stars hoping to cast one of them as the star for their TRF class... MORE »

Video by eeeeeeeee2
January 30, 2012

Shit Syracuse Students Say

A Syracusean parody of Shit People Say brought to you by the Campus Basement: Syracuse Staff (including writer and actress Nicole Grabert!) with assistance from Ashlie Daubert and Anne Marie Suchanek. Looks like The Newshouse has their own version of Shit Syracuse Girls Say. Watch it! It’s really funny. MORE »

Article by Daniel T
November 15, 2011

DPS Discovers Black Market for Newhouse Editing Software

Department of Safety officers at Syracuse University discovered an underground black market for the distribution of popular computer software ““ used primarily in Newhouse ““ after checking on a South Campus apartment Monday afternoon.             Two DPS officers conducting a routine apartment check on Small Road were surprised to find over a dozen students sitting... MORE »

Video by Anonymous
November 7, 2011

The Newshouse: Haunted Newhouse Video

An original movie production for Halloween at Syracuse University produced by Eric Vilas-Boas and Theodore Rysz III for TheNewsHouse.com. Full credits and a chance to share your Halloween favorites at https://www.thenewshouse.com/blog/haunted-newhouse MORE »

Video by Anonymous
October 24, 2011

The Newhouse Challenge Video (A Syracuse Halloween)

The Syracuse Basement gang heads out to accomplish the Newhouse Challenge on Halloween. Find out if they actually make it! MORE »

Article by Anonymous
August 29, 2011

Newhouse III’s “food.com” runs out of seating on first day of class, rest of academic year

Over-achieving Newhouse students with nothing better to do than hang out in Newhouse learned early Monday morning that their beloved cafe, food.com, ran out of seating. “I had some time to kill before my Com 107 class and heard that food.com is the place where all the Newhouse kids hang out,” said freshman Isabelle Davis, “but when I... MORE »