Wellbridge Athletic Club & Spa located in Clayton, MO is
home to the fittest and richest Wash U students. But you are in luck, Stud Life
is offering a one-week free trial for you to get a sneak peak of all that you
love and everything you can’t afford. Act quickly, this offer expires on
Valentines Day, along with all your possibilities for love this year.

You may be asking, “What is Wellbridge?” “Is that where I
awkwardly see ladies doing Pilates as I sit at the red light on Forsyth?” “Is
that the place where they charge three dollars and two cents for Luna bars?”
“Is that the place that’s not like a gym, but a home?” The answer to all of the
above is YES!

With your one-week free trial you can take advantage of all
that Wellbridge has to offer.

I have made the conscious choice of skipping all of my Wash
U classes this week to take on a heavy course load of 15 Wellbridge credits.
Let me tell you, now I know what it’s really like to be working my ass off. HA I
am sweating as I write this on the treadmill. I haven’t left since Wednesday.

Speaking of Wednesday, I attended an Aqua Zumba class along
with five other close personal friends/senior citizens. We danced so much I
couldn’t even tell if I was sweating”¦because we were in a pool.

Okay, confession, the one major downside of the pool area is
that they make you get all the way out of the hot tub to turn on the jets.
RUDE. Why can’t they hire someone who’s job it is to re-press the jets every
fifteen minutes. Am I right, or am I right? (I am currently paying $0 to this
gym, but I act like I am paying the monthly VIP rate.)

On Monday morning I embarked on a dark sweaty adventure as I
walked into a dimly lit spinning class. My instructor motivated me to pedal my
ass off by barking at me through her Britney Spears microphone headset. “Keep
pushing ladies, I know you wanna burn off that glass of wine you had last
night!” Really? One glass of wine? That is what you think I had last night? Try
three pieces of carrot cake from the Cheesecake Factory”¦and a half and half at

Fun fact: To encourage people to attend classes this month
there is a Fitness February competition. You get a gold star sticker for every
workout class that you attend. Basically, a couple members compete to the death to see who has the most gold stars, while every one else just does their regular
workout routine. I wish I could be there to congratulate the winner.

Overall, I have had a life changing and
emotionally/physically (but mainly emotionally) draining week at Wellbridge.
With much regret I must now take the most difficult and challenging step of my
life, and walk out the automatic sliding doors of Wellbridge forever. I haven’t
yet accepted the fact that I am a broke college student who needs to suck it up
and workout in the AC jail with all the football players. Maybe this will
motivate me to do well in my classes
(oops, skipped them all last week), and eventually get a job so that I
can afford to pay the monthly Wellbridge membership.

Fitness February”¦see ya next year. PLEACE. LOVE. WELLBRIDGE.

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