Mahwah, NJ- In a stunning turn of events, Ramapo College communications
major, Donny Rogers has deemed himself incapable of determining if that blonde
chick in his class is hot by regular standards, or if it’s only because she is
in a group project with him. 

“She’s easily the hottest girl in class,” Rogers
told reporters in Birch, “but then I saw her at this party and she was “dece’
at best.” 

Rogers and the girl in question, Allison Frankel, have extended their
in-class flirting to group meetings in the library, and message board chitchat
on Moodle. Rogers admitted, “I
just don’t want to waste my time. If she loses all her appeal after we present
on Monday, I’m gonna be pissed.” 

A roommate of Rogers commented, “She came over
one time along with the rest of Donny’s group. When they were all working at
the kitchen table, she was slamming. Then she separated from the group to use the
bathroom- I wasn’t impressed.”