Seriously, WashU, you are going to make seniors pay to rent
their caps and gowns, seriously?? And it’s not going to be an incidental fee of
$10, it’s going to be a steep one of $60, seriously? Don’t we already pay
enough to go to this school, somewhere in the ballpark of 50k? You’re telling
me that you can’t find enough money to give us free caps and gowns on our big
day, seriously? Shouldn’t this shit be a part of our activities fund, which is
apparently 2.1 million dollars (seriously)? While CS40 employs two full-time
staff members (seriously?!) and its 400k budget largely goes to free t-shirts,
you are going to charge us for actually important clothing, seriously???? Are
you seriously trying to tell me that it costs $60 a person to mass dry-clean fifteen
hundred caps and gowns, and that you’re not just going to spend half of it on
flower fertilizer? What’s worse, you’re going to add mildly developed
anger to the already prevalent emotions of fear and sadness of graduating, seriously?
Because I just wanted to clarify as I wasn’t sure if you were serious.