In a special feature of Monday’s Daily Sun, libidinous Sun photographer Stephanie Adams ’13 unveiled a year-long project in which she captured the euphoric faces of 161 Cornell men and women mid-orgasm, and then edited the photos into black and white. The 4-page long spread encapsulates the diversity of the Cornell study body, through its candid portrayal of various students in their pre-ejaculation phase.

“It’s really great to see all my hard work finally come together,” commented the sultry Adams.

“Literally,” she added.

Adams said she was able to attract the female participants into her studio/bedroom through advertising the fact that their photo would be in the Sun. “Luring the guys was definitely a lot easier,” said Adams, “all I had to do was ask, ‘Hey wanna have sex at my place?’”

“This chick is mad weird” said Brandon Lee ’14. “She was going down on me the other night, and then I gave her a little tap on the head to let her know I was about to finish, and all of a sudden, she whips out a camera and says ‘say cheese.’”

Dozens of students rushed to pick up Monday’s paper to see how their picture came out, and show all of their friends. Not all photographs, however, were well received.

“Oh man, my eyes are totally closed in this one,” said Sophia Peters ’14.

As of press time, Adams has received offers to do photo-shoots for the Men’s basketball team, the Women’s tennis team, and Mason Haas ’15.

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