This past week during a
small lecture multiple students overheard one student call their professor
“Mommy” after class while asking her to clarify an equation she had
written on the board. “I was so confused” reflected one student, “but
I felt bad for him, no one wants to call their professor Mommy, it’s just
awkward for everyone”. Another revealed, “I was there to see her
reaction. She didn’t really know what to do, except pretend like it didn’t
happen.” The Professor wishes to remain anonymous and did not want to be
questioned in regard to the incident. The student himself told us that he was
“ashamed,” but is mostly worried that if his mom finds out she would
be offended. “It just came out of my mouth, ‘Mommy’!” He paused for some inflection and then said, “It had been a long week.”

Personally, if I was his
mother I would be flattered. My son is thinking of me, adorable. Not so much when you’re 22.

For the student’s sake he is going to need a little bit more than SUSAN credits to get
a good grade in this class.