Your second-best
source for the past week’s Daily Trojan headlines


“Mixed & APA in
the Media” event discusses mixed-race entertainers/portrayal; Community’s Danny
Pudi spoke, rapped :
To mixed reviews.


Career Center advises
students to ensure their grades don’t slip if they take on internships :
remember: who’s going to care about your industry contacts with that B- in


SC students
uninvolved in nationwide protests; some assert protesting isn’t part of the
local culture :
Others assert they really
want be more vocal about more national issues, they’re just totally
swamped with midterms and roommate drama and have to get out and not think
about guys for a while.


Trojan marching band
volunteers teach local school kids to play SC spirit songs :
Generally well-received,
but some called performances “elementary”


California governor
signs and vetoes a series of bills this weekend because of the end of the
legislative year :
In lieu of a joke, I’d like to thank the people who can
read about legislative policy without falling asleep. And confess that I am not


Students launch
project to fund drinking water wells in third world countries :
knew they had to do something when the citizens of Ghana didn’t understand what
they meant by “isn’t it gross when the fountain’s all warm and mineral-y? Like,
I’d rather not have any, you know?”


Smartphone price tags
are outweighed by importance of having one in college :
Thank god someone
has finally said they’re important, so
people who don’t have an iPhone can stop stubbornly refusing to afford them.


Four non-students
arrested for drinking alcohol and possessing marijuana on campus :
And weed?!? On OUR campus?! You think
you know what’s going on in your own backyard”¦

Photo Credit: Grace Talice Lee