As last nights chapter dinner, many more individual conversations, endless hours of  research, and a recent press release from the sorority have revealed, All the girls in the Theta Delta Chi house have proclaimed that they, “Hate Drama.” Drama has been cast off by this group as, “Shitty,” and, “Annoying,” in the past. The crusade on the caddy controversies started 7 years ago when the sorority president at the time, Kelly Williams, released that she was, “just over all this drama.” TDC has since then made their feelings on drama very clear and now have come out as, “hating,” it.

The sororities desire to make their opinions on drama more aggressive and clear stem from problems they have been having with a sister in the house this year. Charlotte Mills, the sister I ended the last sentence referring to, is what many girls in the house refer to as a, “drama lover.” In fact, each time I referenced drama with these girls, as I dove into the story about them hating it so much, Charlotte came up as a prime example of a girl who actually, “loves drama.” In referencing Charlotte, girls gave examples saying, “god she just sucks up the drama and feeds off of it,” or, “She always has to be in the middle of everybody’s shit.” One girl even gave testimony of Charlotte being, “such a whore.”

As I rolled over to the other pillow this morning to get an interview from the current TDC president Chelsea Donovan, She began telling me about the issues with Charlotte and drama in the house. My reporter cover must have been blown at some point because she just began telling me about her thoughts and problems totally unprompted. Lucky for her this was information I needed, so I decided to listen. She exclaimed that Charlotte was, “Tearing the house apart, ya know?” I assumed that Charlotte also had some anger issues because I didn’t know if she was tearing the house apart physically or psychologically. So no Chelsea, I don’t know. Chelsea continued, again unprompted, saying, “She’s just always stirring the pot, I hate her almost as much as drama, cause she brings the drama.” I paraphrased that last part of that quote cause I was thinking of how to leave but that was pretty much the main idea, and honestly I think it’s pretty nice for Charlotte to cook for them so constantly as to have people saying that she’s “always stirring the pot.”

I decided to meet with Charlotte and see her, “smug little smile,” for myself. I recognized her right away as the girl with the, “Slutty ass hair, and ughhhh, that fake smile.” I carefully began to explain to Charlotte that she had been pointed out as the source of the drama in the house and asked her what she thought. She simply stepped back, opened her mouth for a long period of time and raised her, “bushy fucking eyebrows.” Then she said, “What who told you that?” I told her it was a pretty unanimous decision. She then proceeded to tell me the faults of every girl in the house. Being that she wasn’t talking about my article on hating drama, I stopped listening and left, finding solace in the fact that now I knew my quotes about Charlotte being unable to, “shut her smelly mouth,” were true.