OccupyWallStreet: Protests continued this week on Wall Street where thousands of people hanging out in Times Square continued to prove that you can’t get a job if you’re too busy hanging out in Times Square.
T-T-T-Today, Junior!: Philip Garber, Jr., a 16-year-old taking classes at the County College of Morris received an email in which his professor, Elizabeth Snyder, told him not to talk in class ever again because he has a stutter. Instead, Snyder told him to write down anything he had to say. In the next class, I’m hoping that Garber politely raised his hand, scribbled on a notepad, and then handed Snyder a note that said, “B-B-Bitch.”
Bad Credit: Marc Bechtol, a student at Catawba Valley Community College who was suspended last March for complaining that students at the school are forced to use a school-branded MasterCard on campus and that he received countless spam emails from the card’s financial firm, was reinstated this week after agreeing to apologize. I can only imagine what he’ll say: “I’m sorry you assholes sold my information to Higher One and other financial institutions. May I please pay you more of my money now?”
NYPD Blew: It was revealed this week that NYPD has been spying on Muslim students at Brooklyn College and other campuses in New York, calling on undercover-cops to monitor their activities. Reports indicate that the officers have discovered that “Billy likes to drink soda!” What’s more, “Miss Lippy’s car is green.”