In the past, things like amenities, size, and proximity to
campus have played some of the most important roles in determining rent for
non-USC student housing. A collective effort is being made currently, however,
to include fear explicitly as a consideration in the price.

“It’s all I really consider anyways,” an anonymous USC senior
explains. “How scared I’d be walking home at night, whether I can lock my bike
outside the house, whether it’s haunted. And by how many ghosts. I support the
new price structure.”

This means that housing previously considered “meh” would be
highlighted for the infrequency of armed robberies, break-ins, and noises that
sound like gunshots but usually aren’t but are still totally scary. Students
living in the most terrifying, dangerous areas would enjoy a small price break.

Landlords’ installation of various defensive weapons (like anti-mugger
missiles, pepper spray turrets, and ghost repellant) is speculated by some,
should the change take place.

It would probably be friggin’ sweet.

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