The momentous generosity of this year’s Dornsife donation is
surpassed in momentousness  only by the
University’s heralding of it. Shirts, emails, emails about the newsletter, one
impulsive tattoo ““ the Dornsife name will live on forever in my inbox and on my
body. The woefully unspecific College of Letters, Arts and Sciences is
unspecific no more.


But the Dornsifes realized and revealed something very
recently, in an exciting CB exclusive.
“This is a name that will be everywhere,” they explained, thrilled. “We decided
it could be something cool! Something we love! Something frickin’ sweet!”


And that is?


“Batman!! Batman College!” They blurt. “Or racecar!
SPACE!… We actually haven’t decided yet. But the opportunities are


Wielding the amount of money required to get take-backsies
on anything, the couple juggles various “epic” options. “One of our first
thoughts was Tom Petty, because we love him. Then we argued about Tom Petty or
Journey, and now TomPettyJourney is on the table.”


Others include “germanchocolate,” “castofFriendsexceptforMonica,” and
“June12th1986,” the date of an especially-exquisite birthday present from the
Mrs. to the Mr., they explain with two raised eyebrows between them.


The date of a final decision is up in the air, but as of the
writing of this article, the Dornsife College of Letters, Arts and Sciences
will possibly become the Racecar Batman of Space, 6/12 and 1986.