So, I might have Seasonal Affect Disorder, but despite that,
there is something about spring semester that just feels lighter and happier
than fall semester. I know no one is ever ready to go back to school in the
10-50 degree weather that could characterize January in St. Louis, but once the
semester gets kicking, there are a zillion things that I can’t wait for!

Daylights Savings Time

Guys, this one is a biggie, which is why it gets the coveted
position of number one. As a young child, fall daylight savings got all the
attention, what with providing an extra hour of sleep and all. Now that I’m an adult (if
only by my ability to legally notarize documents), I freaking want my extra
hour of daylight back, and there is a countdown going on in my head for that
beautiful moment when I can leave my UCollege class and not feel like I spent
it in the underworld. I also need to manage my SAD (Seasonal Affect Disorder)
like I told you about.

Not Wearing A Coat When Going Out

This might seem like a superficial thing, and it totally is;
but I don’t care. I feel like a burden has been lifted from my shoulders, which
may very well be the actual weight of my coat, when I can finally go out
without having to worry about how many layers to wear to balance potential
freezing outside and overheating inside. This applies to daytime hours as well,
and appeases my generally lazy personality.

Spring Break

If you need an explanation for this, then maybe you should
consider a different calling. Undertaker, for example.


Yes, I did shout those words in my mind, so the caps lock
was necessary. I find that, though the fall concert calendar had its merits, the
spring calendar totally kicks butt. From Jack’s Mannequin to Steve Aoki and
Datsik (this Wednesday!!), from Galactic to Andrew Bird, from Big Head Todd and
the Monsters (?? but probs really cool!) to the Fray, there is something for
everyone, and it is a great season to experiment with different music and see
what’s out there. Grab some friends and hit up the Pageant. Tickets are
inexpensive (if bought early enough), and this semester’s calendar will hopefully
shut up the incessant “but there’s nothing to do in St. Louis!”


Giant. Waterballoon. Fight. On. The. Swamp. Need I say more?

Runners Up: the return of iced coffee as a desired beverage,
pickup sports, sandals/flipflops, fewer inclement weather conditions (although
this, of course, is never guaranteed).