As observant students and campus visitors may have noticed,
SC is well into a sizeable construction project ““ to everyone’s relief.

“When we finish a building, we lose that certain”¦
je-ne-sais-quoi in the air. Not just all that dust,” the university’s Construction
Superintendent Judy Aught remarks. “People are impressed when things are being
built. Excited.” A new plan was proposed last fall and ground was broken in the
spring to create the atmosphere forever: a permanent construction site.

“Naturally, we came to the conclusion that the next thing we
could build ““ would be a place where
things are built.
Get it?” Judy breathes, heavily. “Construction forever.”

The site, located on the west side of
campus, would benefit from heavy McClintock traffic to rouse maximum excitement
in passersby. The expected-to-be-beloved fixture would also fill in any excitement-gaps between work on other
buildings, “so no one can say things aren’t happening for us. Always onward!”
Aught grins.