The Fall 2010 pledge classes are making themselves memorable. While prior
years’ pledge classes were remembered by unique bid day t-shirts, this class
decided to be even more original – each pledge of the incoming Pan-hellenic
sororities purchased stock in the clothing line American Apparel.

American Apparel, known for its acid wash V-neck jersey t-shirts, has been
a popular clothing line among sororities for several years as it provides
monochromatic and uniform-like basic loose-fitting shirts, leggings, and
hoodies all marketed in soft pornographic ads. Needless to say, the line has
been a hit in female Greek life across college campuses.

But these pledges are taking that fashion devotion a step further by
pledging financial faith in the line.

“I like, love the clothes and think they are like, a great company, yknow? Totally legit. So, I like,
totally think it’s a smart decision to buy stock in the line,” says Omega
Mu Gamma rep Alyssa Almy.

Her pledge class sisters agree; stock in
single-colored jersey shirts is a wise investment.