College sophomore Jimmy Roland will not be spending his spring break in Cancun with “the guys” like a good number of his old floormates. This year, Jimmy has decided to take a more family-friendly route in regards to his Spring break.

“It’s not that bad, really, last night at dinner my mom even let me have one pepsi before she made me switch to water. I kind of understood, she didn’t want me getting a sugar high before bed; it’s pretty reasonable.” explains Jimmy.
The vacation has so far consisted of the Rolands driving 5 hours to Maryland, turning around after realizing the youngest child, little Meagan, had forgotten her retainer back in Binghamton, driving 20 hours to Florida, waiting in line for 6 hours to ride a “kiddy” ride at Disney that Jimmy didn’t even care about, Jimmy having to give Meagan his nine dollar ice cream cone after she dropped hers, Jimmy’s father getting wasted off mimosas at the Disney brunch and hitting on the 19-year-old that plays Ariel, Jimmy’s father sleeping on the hotel room deck and Meagan breaking her personal record by repeating everything Jimmy said for 13 straight hours.
“I really was looking forward to this trip for a while; I missed my family. Then I remembered why I went away to college after the first hour or so.” remembers Jimmy.
The trip did not reach its low for Jimmy until Mr. and Mrs. Roland decided to go scuba diving and left Jimmy and Meagan at the children’s day camp at the hotel. Allegedly, the siblings endured a day of togetherness games, tie-dying shirts and Hannah Montana episodes.
 “I’m like twenty years old.” Jimmy complained.
Not according to Disney, you’re not.