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Article by loganor
February 1, 2012 2 Comments

If Disney Princesses Went to College

When the ladies of Disney were actually alive, a college degree was superfluous. I’m using the word superfluous because, unlike Ariel, I didn’t get married to a prince at 16 and I’m going to need to know big words to get a job. It’s not like I want to be a gold-digging, amphibious ho– but I’m just a little... MORE »

Article by doodlebug
November 29, 2011

Confused Family of Four Found inside South Forty House: “We Thought It Was a Carnival Cruise!”

Tuesday: A family of four was found with an unusual amount of suitcases stealing from the salad bar at Paws-n-Go. “Don’t you just love an all-inclusive resort?!” Marilyn Jones shrieked as the B & D security guard reprimanded her. According to the security guards, Mrs. Jones and her family had actually been asked to leave... MORE »

Article by Rud
March 16, 2011

Student Goes to Florida With Family for Spring Break; Kind-of Has Fun

College sophomore Jimmy Roland will not be spending his spring break in Cancun with “the guys” like a good number of his old floormates. This year, Jimmy has decided to take a more family-friendly route in regards to his Spring break. “It’s not that bad, really, last night at dinner my mom even let me... MORE »