Well… Not entirely.  They were correct that the world was going to end around 2012, but they got the date wrong.

I’d rather not be the one to tell you, but the world ended on December 7th 2010.  Yes that’s right.
On 12/7/10, ESPN (Entertainment Sports Programming Network) launched a new sub-division of their mammoth network:  ESPNw.
Yes that’s right.  I said W.
I know you’re sitting in your chair, reading this article, thinking: No. Please no. It has to mean “win”, or “walleteer”!

No. It means Women.

If your head hasn’t already exploded, then please continue on.  ESPNw is the new cog in all thing Women’s sports.  It has been reported that the website, https://ESPNw.com/ contains zero content.  Oh sorry, except for that giant picture of Rick Jackson to the right?!  

Apparently female athletics don’t really exist, therefore it’s just a destination for women to read other’s articles.  The article about Syracuse’s victory read:

Syracuse won.  I watched the game at the salon!  Look at this picture of Rick Jackson!  He’s so sexxxy.  OMG! MY NAILS ARE BEAUTIIIFUL.

Bill Rasmussen, founder of ESPN, commented, “This is a sad day for the world of sports broadcasting.  I am deeply ashamed to be a part of the end of the world…”

Bill Rasmussen disappeared after this comment and has not been reached since.

Me too Bill. Me too.

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