To all readers/fans/enemies of Cuse My Campus:

The weekend is underway, complete with promiscuity, inebriation, and general tomfoolery. What I’m saying is, shit happens on the weekends. Awesome shit.

We’re looking for your story. Everyone has a story about the weekend, even if it’s not his/her own. Send us a story about your drunk friend who got ecstasy slipped into his cup and wanted to “experience the world.” Tell us a story about a girl, who “definitely is not you, but”¦um”¦a girl I know”¦with the same name as me”¦” who substituted food with alcohol all day, and woke up sitting at Kimmel with a chicken strip hanging out of her mouth and no recollection of anything. Or, you can completely make something up. Just don’t use those last two examples, because we already gave them to you.

We want to hear about your crazy weekends. You can submit at any time between now and Monday, in any form, about anything. Just make sure it’s entertaining and has an insanity factor of a million. Upload your pictures, videos, and articles at

Have a fantastic weekend, everyone. Oh, and one more thing”¦