Since the dawn of unathleticism and staggering bitterness, web cretins have used memes (pictures of people/animals, each with a distinct and odd personality), to convey their wittiness to the great wasteland that is the Internet. For instance, the Insanity Wolf meme: a picture of a crazed wolf’s head embossed on a black-and-white background. Insanity Wolf’s captions always feature some sort of crazy behavior, like “Life Gives You Lemons? Fuck It In The Ass and Give It Lemon-AIDS.” While the origin of memes is a closely guarded secret that nobody really cares about, the phenomenon has been spreading across social networks like wildfire. In recent weeks, students at many universities, including our very own Mizzou, have started Facebook meme pages. These groups, which take the already well-known memes and put a personal, inside-joke-for-my-school spin on them, have appeared at TCU, DePaul and probably other places, with nerds everywhere crying out in horror that meme-ing, essentially the virtual pillow they scream into after getting picked last in dodgeball again, has been stolen.