On October 31st, Hofstra University announced it will be hosting its second consecutive presidential debate.


I went around campus and interviewed students about their thoughts and opinions. Most students replied with excitment and enthusiasm.


A few days after the announcement, a mass email was sent out to Hofstra students. Basically in a nut shell the email read”¦


“Dear Students,


We are proud to have the presidential debate on our campus; however none of you will be able to attend, the tickets are basically impossible to get. There is a lottery, but honestly you’re wasting your time because you probably won’t get in. You all should be very proud; this is a big thing for our university.”


Apparently we should be so proud, but the day of the debate, the campus will probably be locked up like Fort Knox. Us “students” will probably need formal identification, such as a birth certificate or our social security cards to step foot on campus.


Sorry your fake ID’s won’t work this time kids.


Don’t worry though, the day of the debate everyone can walk over to Dizzy’s or Nacho’s. As you all know an ID with a picture of a dog on it named “Sir Barks A lot,” will get you in.