Sometimes it’s nice to help your fellow SU colleague out, to
help them in their time of need. So I channeled my inner George Costanza and
compiled a list of the three best and worst bathrooms on campus. When compiling
this list I took a lot of factors into account, the number of toilets, amount
of space to move, cleanliness, and most important the softness of toilet paper.

As said best by Jeff Goldblum in Jurassic Park “When you gotta go, you
gotta go”.

I’m going to tell you the three worst first because that is
the reason we’re going to the bathroom to get rid of the worst.


3) Shaffer Art Building– I should have expected the
art building to have graffiti all over the walls. But when I have my alone time
I like to look at something more soothing and comforting.

2) Hendricks Chapel– I had the impression that it was
a beautifully constructed classic bathroom because of how old the building is.
But I could not of been more wrong as the age of the building only made the
bathroom more disappointing.

1) Archbold Gymnasium– Let’s just say I had a bad
experience here that involves me being lost, a lot of steam and half a dozen
naked Chinese men. It is worth noting that the bathroom on the bottom floor of
Flanagan is one of the best on campus.

Now here’s for what you have all been waiting for the best,
and I mean the best bathrooms on campus. This are the ones you plan your day


3) Whitman School of Management– this is one of my
personal favorites because of how much room you have to move around while in the
facility. When they built this building they definitely took into account how
much people want to move in

2) The Sheraton-
This is the crème de la crème of bathroom
facilities. Bathroom enthusiast from around the world have visited the
bathroom, we are just fortunate enough to be able live in the vicinity of it.

And now for the best”¦”¦

1) On second thought I’m not going to release that
information because the absolute last thing I want is overcrowding in my secret