Real World Casting: The
hit MTV show “The Real World” came to Syracuse to look for future cast members.
Unfortunately nobody that auditioned was New
Jersey enough for the show.

SU Football: We
lost to Rutgers at home and play at Tulane. Where is Tulane anyway?

Flu Shots: Health
Services is giving out flu shots for free, or is this just a cover for an evil
plan by Nancy Cantor?

Rock, paper,
I took a commanding 50- 46 lead in a game of rock, paper scissors
first to 500 against my roommate.

The Game: The
rapper The Game is playing Battlefield 3 while rapping, or something like that.

Weather: I don’t
want to jinx it but the weather was actually pretty nice this weekend.

Occupy Syracuse: Probably
the biggest news, Occupy Syracuse took place. Is this really news?

Wildlife: I saw
three squirrels, two deer and a caterpillar. True Story