The entire Alpha Phi Pledge class of 2011 is named Becky.

Shrieks echoed through Walnut Park as girl after girl
yelled, “Wait, NO. WAY! My name is Becky!” followed swiftly by, “OH MY GOD!”

“This is, like, totally unprecedented,” said Becky Thurgood,
a freshman from Pasadena, California. “I’ve never met so many Beckys before!”

“I agree with Becky,” said Becky Marshall, a sophomore from
Cleveland, Ohio. “It’s crazy that we’re all named Becky. Who would’ve thought?”

Even stranger is that any time someone says “Becky” in the
presence of the Alpha Phi house, every single girl responds. Then, they all
giggle simultaneously.

It’s rumored that the giggling then leads to a tickle fight
in their bras and panties, though this has not been confirmed.