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Article by Roy Parker
April 2, 2012

Girls Actually Poop Bunnies and Rainbows, Study Shows

Ever since the dawn of man, the question has been posed – “Do women poop just like men do?” Everybody knows that men poop. Men talk about their poop proudly. But a wave of mysticism has consistently been shrouded around whether or not women poop as well.   A group of researchers here at USC... MORE »

Article by fremama
January 24, 2012

Letters to My College Self: Navigating the sea of awkward that is your co-ed dorm

Dear CollegeMags, Oh hey, boo. You know, “boo’ becomes a big thing in the future. You should start using it now so you’re like a trendsetter or something. It ranks pretty high on the list of greatest terms of endearment mainly because it’s so versatile. Friends, lovers, and professors all love to be called “boo.’... MORE »

Article by Alex R
November 21, 2011

A Little Dilemma

           Thanksgiving Break is finally upon us, it is a time for Syracuse students to go home for a week and recover. We all appreciate the opportunity to eat something other than ramen noodles, do laundry for the second time this semester, visit our middle school ex’s, and if we have... MORE »

Picture by apost
October 19, 2011

What your tuition is going towards…

Ever been walking around campus and wondered…”where can I pump my breast milk?” Never fear! The lactation rooms are here! All you need to do is enter the Human Ecology building and try and use the bathroom and there is the lactation room. Oh and its BYOP (bring your own pump). MORE »