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Article by Becca Grumet
November 21, 2012

15 Things I’m Thankful For

Because time moves too quickly in college I’m not really sure what Thanksgiving is about anymore (pilgrims?? Genocide? I dunno), but the one thing I do recall is that people say what they’re thankful for, and so I’ve compiled a list to read out at the dinner table tomorrow: 1. The Mucho Mango smoothie at the SCA... MORE »

Article by jillboard
November 20, 2012

Jersey Devil To Have Thanksgiving With The Abramowitz Family

MAHWAH, NJ – History was made today as The Jersey Devil officially came out of eternal hiding in the deep woods of New Jersey. After taking a heavy beating from Sandy and Irene the past two years, the Jersey Devil is reportedly “fed up” with living in the woods. He exited the forest near a... MORE »

Article by Alex Rosenthal
November 25, 2011

Campus Basement Presents: What We’re Thankful For

The staff here at Campus Basement had a lot to be thankful for this Thanksgiving. But we aren’t the typical bunch to go on and on about boring, trite cliches like “family” and “health.” Here’s the juicy stuff our writers are really thankful for: Lia Woodward I am thankful that I did not die after... MORE »

Article by USC Staff
November 24, 2011

Bowling for Turkeys: Thanks from the USC Basement

Dear Readers, We here at Campus Basement are very grateful for quite a lot this Thanksgiving: friends, family, devoted readers, pets, good food, Facebook likes for our articles, etc. Well, wait a minute… using that et cetera’s not quite right, is it? It’s a rare person these days who goes deeply into everything he or... MORE »

Article by Piliour
November 24, 2011

Nickelback Ruins Football Game, Thanksgiving

Immediately following the halftime show of the Lions vs. Packers game today, the stage on which Nickelback “performed” got stuck, delaying the second half kickoff and ruining precious minutes of America’s lives. “It’s a metaphor of our career as a band,” said frontman Chad Kroeger. “All people want is for us to go away, but we... MORE »

Article by rkrieg
November 23, 2011

Thanksgiving for Kids Vs. Thanksgiving for College Students

On the Week Before Kids: By Thanksgiving, it has already been over three weeks since Halloween! And how is a kid to survive without a monthly dose of commercialized holiday cheer generously injected into the American education system?? Impossible, I know. So instead of expecting kids to actually try to learn anything the week before a holiday, teachers fill... MORE »

Article by Becca Grumet
November 22, 2011

The Best Black Friday Deals at Dollar Dollar

Becca here to announce the most exciting news of the holiday season! Many of you know it  ““ a little hidden gem tucked inside the University Village known as Dollar Dollar. Perhaps this is where you’ve bought your kitchenware or a 3 pack of tube socks. Affectionately dubbed “Dollar2“ by absolutely no one except me,... MORE »

Article by Alex R
November 21, 2011

A Little Dilemma

           Thanksgiving Break is finally upon us, it is a time for Syracuse students to go home for a week and recover. We all appreciate the opportunity to eat something other than ramen noodles, do laundry for the second time this semester, visit our middle school ex’s, and if we have... MORE »

Article by Kevin Slack
December 1, 2010

Newly-Single Freshman Loses Confidence in Record Thirty Seconds

Sam Harper is feeling good. He’s free. Two days ago, he announced to the press and the Facebook community that he had broken up with his high school girlfriend of two years, Kristen Shaw. Now Harper, sans-girlfriend, is “out on the prowl again,” as he characterizes it. “It just had to happen, man,” He tells... MORE »