In my limited
experience, intellect has been accompanied by procrastination. Hard
workers have wandering minds, a budding curiosity to explore the
unknown. Often, hard workers need to take breaks from busting
ass with stents of wasted time: hours spent on both obscure and
mainstream websites, looking at photos of their friends (for the 100th
time”¦), watching videos of people falling off high plateaus, or
listening to the new Drake
album (WHICH I LOVE, BY THE WAY). But when I arrived to college I
realized the consequence of the procrastination of the student body.
That dire consequence is that the teachers’, having spent time with us
in office hours and lecture halls have caught the procrastination
Monday came around this
week with a taste of winter, and I was tempted by the cold to take a
sick day on this eve of Thanksgiving vacation. But something raised me
from bed: the need to know HOW THE HELL I’M
DOING THIS SEMESTER. Maybe it’s because I study humanities so my graded
assignments aren’t marked by machines, but I can honestly say I am
clueless as to how I’m doing in the majority of my classes, and I’m
certainly not alone. So I made it through my 3 classes,
expecting the return of two graded essays and an exam”¦well, let’s just
say I’m in the library empty handed. 0-3, zilch, nada.  How long does it
take to read a five-page paper, or even for a T.A. to put a Scantron
through a machine?! (Not too long”¦pardon the
assumption) So now as I leave for Thanksgiving with a frightening 2
weeks remaining in the semester before the anarchy of finals’ week, I
will again respond to my parents’ questioning about how the semester is
going with the simple, ambiguous claim, “It’s going
well, I guess.”
What are these teachers
doing with their time
? Researching? Taking a little extra time to be
with their families? Are they writing and reading prolific novels?
Attending fancy, fascinating wine-and-cheese parties
with budding academic dons? Or is their procrastination similar to
ours””with hours spent in front of our Macbooks “Stumbling Upon”
political cartoons, I-Tunes Movie Trailers and articles about Kim
Kardashian’s woeful marriage? Are they adding pairs of sneakers
and such to their online shopping carts and then closing the window upon
arrival at the payment page? Or are they simply tweeting their every
move, encounter and thought?????
I have no answer to
these questions: but doesn’t it attract your curiosity? I can’t help but
wonder how the prominent academics of America’s universities spend
their down time”¦and for those of you who are as
clueless as I am as to how you’re doing this semester, I wish you good
luck in this apocalyptic time before the end of the December”¦God help us