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April 26, 2012

Teacher’s protest Teacher protest

After not getting enough funding for posters and signs, Ramapo professors protested today’s protest at the arch. The turnout, which was anticipated to be well over fifty consisted only of a handful of Ramapo professors that can’t understand English. The teachers who attended were seen walking back and forth from the arch to the Bradley... MORE »

April 18, 2012

Ramapo College Graduation Fees

Mahwah, NJ- The Ramapo Commencement Committee has just released the pricing for graduation. In addition to Ramapo’s $100 dollar charge for “processing” the graduation application and a $62 dollar charge for cap and gown Ramapo will also issue charges for the following: – $1.00 for each step you take. Handicapped people graduate free. – $5.00... MORE »

April 11, 2012

Ramapo Basement Writer makes it out the Hood

Jake Strasser’s journey from mediocrity to stardom is a story of great triumph. It all began when Strasser, as he is now referred to, was using the site Stumble Upon to kill time in what was a regular uneventful day at Ramapo College. After hours of mindless web surfing, Jake landed on Campus Basement’s homepage... MORE »

April 5, 2012

J. Lee’s to secede from Ramapo College

Mahwah, NJ- J. Lee’s President Jeremy Lin has declared that J. Lee’s will secede from Ramapo. Additionally in his press conference, President Lin outlined some of the future rules and regulations that will be enforced immediately. “No longer will we have to outsource our labor to China, all goods will be manufactured here and exported... MORE »

March 28, 2012

TIPS Alcohol to alter curriculum

After getting negative reviews from college students who previously took the TIPS Alcohol Course, the TIPS Board of Directors has decided to make major changes to their curriculum. Previously, the course was designed to make college students aware of the dangers of binge drinking and what to do if a friend gets too drunk but... MORE »

March 19, 2012

Top 5 RA Events of 2012

5) Stuff your own dead pet Build A Bear and PETA are cosponsoring this event so you never miss your dead pets ever again. Whenever you’re scared at night and wish your pet would come and lay with you, you can grab your stuffed pet. They used to be alive and friendly but now they... MORE »

March 17, 2012

Ramapo College to Allow Hazing in Freshman Seminar

After many years of being adamantly against hazing, Ramapo’s Board of Directors has voted to allow hazing amongst teachers and their first year freshman seminar classes. This decision comes with the recent news that Ramapo has the softest underclassmen in all of America according to a recent poll. “Something has to be done to mold... MORE »

February 29, 2012

A delivery to the Jackson Whites

You’re having a great day at work delivering pizza for Nonna’s (Sonny and Tony’s, NY Pizza, Jersey Boys, Etc.) The constant flow of good tips is keeping a smile on your face. Then it happens. A delivery 15 minutes away deep into the Ramapough Mountain to deliver to the Jackson Whites. You begin your ascent... MORE »

February 22, 2012

President Mercer to wear new bow tie

Bow ties are his thing. They always have been. Ever since President Mercer was a young boy he always rocked red bow ties to school. He always thought he looked great, while sporting the latest fashion trend. He even kept that belief once he was elected president of Ramapo College, hoping that if he kept... MORE »