In order to ease graduating senior’s transition of moving back with overbearing parents; Ramapo will enforce additional rules during Monday’s senior night. The rules in place will guarantee that attendees have a sober and shitty evening.

Ramapo will employ Mahwah Police Depart to make sure that the Village remains safe. Congregating outside in the village and in the stairwells will be strictly prohibited. Gathering in groups of three or more will result in immediate arrest. There will also be designated smoking areas that will allow for tobacco consumption one person at a time.

Security will also reserve the right to ask for identification for anyone walking through the village. To make certain no one has a good time; random room raids will be conducted to remove any alcohol of students considered to be “rowdy”. If you do not have a valid spring 2012 sticker, you will be required to live in Linden for the duration of your college career. Additionally, anyone without a valid ID will be forced to vacate the premises immediately.

Lastly, Birch Tree Inn will allow free admittance to Late Night Shits, for all seniors as a graduation present. For the special occasion, Birch will order catering from local Middle Schools in Bergen County.