year I went to one Cornell home football game. It was homecoming so I don’t
remember much, but what I do remember was that the cheerleaders were far more
entertaining.  I left the game
after what I would say was probably five or ten minutes right about the time
when the opposing team, Fordham University, scored two touchdowns. I vaguely
remember looking at the scoreboard and seeing something like 40-7. Good times.

Our Varsity Football team is so bad
that when you search “football’ on Cornell’s homepage Men’s Sprint Football
comes up first.

such a big college football fan it is sort of depressing when your Alma Mater
sucks. I want to love Cornell Football, I really do, but it’s just too
distressing and can’t get myself to do it”¦yet. I have other teams in the ACC
that I hold closer to my heart. It’s a shame.

football season is just beginning so we’ll see. Maybe this year will be better
than last.  We have 5 home games,
one of which is homecoming. I am sure that I will again make it to homecoming
at some point. Let’s see if we win that game maybe I’ll attend another. Keep in
mind, I work for Cornell Slope Sports and cover Cornell Sports events. Yeahhhh.
Go CU!

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