Jon Stewart made a joke about how poorly designed the male testicles are. Referring to how man is made in God’s own image he said, “Why would he take all our nerve endings and place them in a little sac that dangles outside of our bodies easily exposed to…tap (makes nut tapping noise)? 

Although intended as a joke, Cornell Engineers did not see just the humor of it. They saw an opportunity for innovation. A chance to make Cornell a shoe-in for the Tech Campus in NYC. Can you see the headline now? “Cornell Engineers Design New Ball Sac…suck on that Stanford!”

We met with some engineers in a location where they would feel comfortable; at the grassy knoll inside of Mann Library. (Yeah guys, remember when that was a thing? Too bad it didn’t catch on….imagine if inside everywhere on campus it looked like outside..NO because that would be stupid because it is inside!!!! Just like the arrangement of the ball sac. See, that rant has a purpose.)

When asked about the research and preliminary design engineers have for the new sac-o-balls they commented that, “Currently, we are figuring out whether we want to move the sac to a new location on the body or if we just want to revamp the whole thing. We want to make the lives of males easier, seeing as they struggle every day to avoid accidents”. 

Once the group of engineers has perfected the male genitalia they are hoping to tackle the whole excruciatingly painful birth process and potentially that whole menstruation deal. Were not perfect, but science can make us that way….