This morning the Cornell community was shocked by the
news that came out of the Arts Quad. It all started this morning when
Mickey Josephs went to CUPD claiming he saw the ghost of Ezra Cornell
when he climbed up the McGraw Clock Tower late Saturday evening. While
this is hard to imagine happening, Josephs gave substantial evidence.

brought what he said the ghost of Ezra Cornell gave him. The 3 items
gave to CUPD were a map of Westchester County, where Cornell and half of
current-student population grew up, a birth certificate (which has not
deemed authentic or fake yet), and a penny, which Joseph claims Cornell
told him was supposed to be him and not Abraham Lincoln.

this is a terrible prank, a homeless guy, or actually Ezra, it is a scary and
magnificent event. President Skorton, thrilled by the occasion, has put Cornell’s
entire campus on 48 hour ghost-watch. He has offered a reward of an automatic
degree to the student that can find him and bring him to dinner at Skorton’s

If you have any information regarding the whereabouts of the ghost of
Ezra Cornell, please call Student Services immediately at (607) 663-

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