So I haven’t posted any music in about a month and a half…sorry about that. Well not really, because I just spent more time beating it/drinking/reading egotastic, but because of popular demand (read: nobody asked me to do shit, I’m just bored), I thought I would throw up some more tracks.

First off is a song by hyper crush called kick us out. This song is pretty girly, but it’s still a banger that should get girls to do the white girl dance: see the third post on this link… thanks rebecca black. Anyways, you can listen to/get this song here:
Secondly is a remix by White Panda that is filthy. It’s a mix of gucci mane and lenny kravitz, and it is called fly and freaky. I wish Cornell girls were described as that, but anyways you can get it here:
Third, I thought I’d put up a song called ever since by trey palms. It’s a pretty chill song, not so much a dance floor banger as a hang-out song, but it’s still legit.
The next song was released on Lupe’s album Lasers 20 days ago, but I am so excited to see this man in concert that I’m still throwing up one of my favorite songs from his album, titled ’til i get there. Lupe, if you’re reading this (he’s definitely not), i love you.
Now for a couple youtube videos…no, these are seriously awesome.
The first has one of my friends in it (see the boy in the blue button down at 1 minute 28 seconds in). It was released 3 days ago, and though I only saw it for aforementioned reasons, it’s actually a kind of catchy song. See it here:
(notice my friend missing a basketball shot at 1 minute 37 seconds…what a loser!)
Finally, I am straight up stealing this from barstool boston, but this video is absolutely incredible. It’s just so bad that it is amazing. Words really can’t describe this video, but trust me and watch it, I guarantee you will not be disappointed.  Seriously, watch it
Later, homies
(The Peak…of Fabulosity!)