By Lia, leaf, and paul


SHOULDN’T WIN because:

paul: Losing will make Christopher Nolan try even harder to blow
our minds

SHOULD WIN because:

Lia: This is too good of a debate opportunity: “Well what do you
think? Did they really win, or was it a dream? I think they really won, but
it’s meant to be ambiguous.’



Black Swan

SHOULD WIN because:

Lia: The lesbian scene.

paul: It’s Black Swan History Month.


The Kids are All Right

SHOULD WIN because:

Lia: The straight scene.

leaf: Because Mila Kunis goes down on Natalie
Portman. Er”¦ Which lesbian one is this


The Fighter

SHOULD WIN because:

paul: Boxing movies have yet to be honored in the history of the

leaf: Christian Bale’s hunger strike would have
no point, otherwise. 


The King’s Speech

SHOULD WIN because:

Lia: Just imagine the acceptance speech!

paul: For teaching kids everywhere that if they overcome their
stutter, they will be King of England

leaf: To thank them for illuminating for me what
exactly Stewie Griffin’s accent is.


Toy Story 3

SHOULDN’T WIN because:

leaf: I’m a little upset I had to see so many grown men cry at once.

SHOULD WIN because:

Lia: The scene where Woody turns to the other toys as they’re
all about to die and says “Gentleman, it has been an honor playing with you’
and then they play a quintet until the Titanic sinks”¦wait.

True Grit

SHOULD WIN because:

paul: Every young teenage girl should take the time to travel
with a much older man, alone


127 Hours

SHOULD WIN because:

Lia: It didn’t even feel that long. It must’ve been good.

paul: James Franco did an impressive job, but even more deserving
is Dwayne “the Rock” Johnson for his perfect performance as the
motionless boulder that trapped his arm

leaf: It’s about time a Saw sequel
gets some recognition. 


The Social Network

SHOULD WIN because:

Lia: I think it deserves some recognition from this board. Yes?
Which part? The parts where they managed to make me attracted to everyone that
was in the Facebook backstory.

paul: For having the courage to bring the story of a little-known
and rarely used website to the world’s attention

leaf: Hot blond twins. I understand, now.


Winter’s Bone

SHOULD WIN because:

Lia: This is the adult film industry’s best shot at feeling like
they won a best picture.