If actions speak louder than words, flowers speak louder
than, probably, smaller flowers, and may also say different things. If you’re
in the lucky position of receiving flowers today, here’s a handy guide to what
these seemingly silent little guys could be saying. 

Red roses ““ “This
is what I’m supposed to get, right? Is this when sex happens?”

Daisies “You’re
adorable! Almost as adorable as me for giving these to you. You’re welcome.”

Bouquet ““ Expensive
“I realize your friends say you’re more attractive than me. This was very
expensive. Can I get you anything else? Will you tell them I asked, at least?”

Your favorite flower,
you don’t even remember telling him this, how did he know
“I have
realized I like you more than you like me, and me continuing to be an excellent
boyfriend makes you feel guilty. For the record, I’d prefer your guilt
translate into more sex.”

Single red Carnation ““
“Yes, I am the man from match.com.”

Blue violets – “I
want to take back what I said about your sister being more attractive.”

Something that
obviously grew right outside your apartment –
“Yes this did grow right
outside your apartment. This relationship has proven to be much more effort
than I was planning on putting into it.”

Hipster choice ““
Origami, silk flowers, bouquet of twigs, something like that –
“Our love is
more special, original, and interesting than anyone else’s. Ever.”

Lilies – “You
know that threesome discussion we tabled”¦?”

Daffodils ““ “I
sincerely regret getting drunk and telling all my friends about your nose job.”

Poppies ““ “I’ve
realized I’m gay.”