Hey, what’s up? Awesome, Happy freakin’ Thursday.


After browsing this site millions of times within the past 3
weeks, I’ve noticed that there is something missing from CuseMyCampus ““ Music.
So now, I’m starting a weekly article bringing you the best music for the
weekend. Yes, music good enough to study to, sleep to, and drink to. Like the
music? Want it? It’s yours (that’s right free ass downloads). 


So this week I stumbled upon a mixtape from DJ Moneybags
(I’m not kidding) called “College Years ““ Beer Pong Edition”. I threw it in my workout playlist and immediately became a fan after the first 5 tracks. This mixtape
consists of 40 tracks, all very smoothly transitioned into one another with a
few spoken skits in between mimicking Kanye’s first couple albums. The skits only last for about 10 seconds tops (except for the last one which is track 39 which is 35 seconds) but after
immediately delve back into the music which consists of the past years Top 40
hits, along with some new ones just appearing this month.

Each song lasts about 1 minute to 2 minutes transitioning to
and from the next song so smoothly; you don’t even notice the change. The only
negative comment I have to say about this is that the skits in between do awkwardly show up in the middle of
the tape which can lead to awkward standing around if you are indeed, dancing
and I do wish the used more of each song.

The whole mix is approximately an hour long.

Otherwise, this mix is great for its intended purpose: to drink and party.

So live it up, this is one of my favorites.


Some tracks featured on “College Years ““ Beer Pong Edition”:

Dutty Love ““ Sean Kingston feat. Niki Manaj

Break My Bank ““ New Boyz

Alejandro ““ Lady Gaga

Love the Way You Lie ““ Eminem feat Rhianna

*Here’s a tip, dont put this tape on shuffle.



Download it Here

Link | https://www.datpiff.com/DJ_Moneybags_DJ_Tuck_College_Years_Beer_Pong_E.m149049.html

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