What do rain, wind, and sunshine have in common?
They don’t keep a Syracuse “brah” from donning a snap-back baseball cap.

(A “brah” can be described as either a frat guy or a lacrosse player who wears pastel colored shorts, lacrosse pinnies, and fresh kicks. They are usually ready to party all the time. See above picture.)

A campus trend has begun for the boys on campus. No, I’m not talking about Hunter rain boots; I’m talking about the snap-back!

The snap-back can be described as a baseball cap that has a plastic adjustable belt that fits any head size and shape. When sophomore Jake Goldstone was asked why he was wearing his snazzy hat, he explained that “the hole that the adjustable thing leaves gives my forehead some air so it can breathe.”

I was also told that the front gap allows people to see what a brah’s actual hair color is. Upon questioning, many snap-back wearers said that when they wore fitted hats people didn’t even know that they had hair and they caused terrible hat hair. That’s when boys transitioned to the snap-back. Of course, gingers should stick with those fitted hats. No one wants to see your fiery hair.

Non-ginger and freshman Evan Taylor walked out of the Schine bookstore with an excited look on his face and a fresh new baseball cap in his hands. As he adjusted the plastic belt to fit his head, he told me that he had been screamed at for being a freshman on frat row by a couple of frat guys all wearing snap-backs. Evan was even called names like “baldy” and “no-hair-Nancy” as he made his way to Ernie Davis in his Red Sox fitted cap.

Wondering how they knew he was a first year, Evan consulted his peer advisor who explained that not wearing a snap-back was a clear signal to upperclassmen that you are a freshman. Advisor Jason Reynolds told his advisee that “the 80s are back at Syracuse and if you’re not in, you’re out!”

Upon researching I found out that these snap-back caps were extremely popular in the 80s and 90s, but disappeared once we entered the new century. Most historians think this is because humans feared that the apocalypse would strike once the millennium hit and scientists felt that boys’ whole heads should be protected.

Girls also love the snap-back comeback. “I like to put my boyfriend’s hat on my head when I’m drunk because it makes me look spunky” says Junior Victoria Henderson. The hat also aids girls who are having bad hair days. Jake Gladstone continues to advocate the snap back by telling me that “once a girl puts on a boy’s hat a party, you know it’s on like Donkey Kong.”

Most people on campus seem to approve of these classy snap-backs. And apparently if you don’t, all of the brahs say to “go fuck yourselves”. So don’t be a goober! Join the snap-back attack. Of course you could just wear a beanie, those will never go out of style”¦

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