We know what you’re thinking ““ when the fuck will
spring break get here? And we all know the answer ““ not soon enough. But
don’t let that get you down! Campus Basement has provided you the top
five reasons why we should savor the shortest

5) It is the shortest month ““ cut it some slack.
Now if this were a leap year, that’d be a different story (29 days is
just too much, February, when having to walk through this frigid month
to bio lab).

4) Valentine’s Day, Groundhog’s Day, and
President’s Day ““ Clearly this month has the three most important
holidays for which we are always given days off from school. Okay, so
maybe that part isn’t true but we have to hand it to February
as the only month that celebrates a woodchuck’s prophetic visions.

3 )It proves our intelligence – if 99% of the higher
education populace mispronounces “February” and instead says “Febuary,”
be part of the intellectual 1% that has the courtesy to pronounce that
otherwise forgotten r.

2) It changes every four years . C’mon, that’s
fucking cool. It’s almost like February was designed for college
students who graduate after the same amount of time that Feb takes to
switch it up.