There has been a bit of controversy as of late with SU’s choice of Commencement Speaker. I say there has been “a bit” of controversy in the same manner that I would say that Adolf Hitler had “a bit” of hatred in him, or that New Orleans had “a bit” of water following Katrina. In other words, people are pissed. Really pissed. Because SU decided to grab some random dude from the local Chase Bank on East Adams Street and ask him to speak to graduating seniors about what to do after college. Hell, I’d rather listen to one of the homeless guys from Marshall Street speak. At least they’d have some cool stories. And they’d have some advice about what NOT to do. (“Don’t become homeless. Also, don’t bring a bank teller to try to captivate thousands of hungover/still-drunk students at their very last day of college life.”)

There will be more rants to come, but for now, here is a list of people I would rather hear speak at commencement than the guy who smiles before asking me if I would like to make any other deposits today.

“¢ Anyone from Jersey Shore
“¢ Irene from Sadler Dining Hall
“¢ Any of the guys who wears the Otto suit
“¢ Greg Robinson (if only to hear the boos)
“¢ Anyone else from Sadler Dining Hall
“¢ Anyone else in the world

I know it may be too late for us, but hopefully the SU community will band together to make a change for the future. IRENE FOR 2011 COMMENCEMENT SPEAKER!