Subtitle- (read: How to Get Exercise at SU)

Doing Laundry
Targets: Back, Abs, Ability to distinguish and categorize colors
Difficulty Level: SU Girls
Increase Intensity by: Folding it

Flint/Day Hall Stairs
Targets: Butt, Legs, Thighs, Your soul
Difficulty Level: Giving Birth
Increase Intensity by: Dragging your wasted roommate up with you at 4 a.m.

Opening Glass Doors at Schine
Targets: Biceps, Triceps, Deltoids, Pecs, Obliques
Difficulty Level: Bench pressing Otto
Increase Intensity by: Using your pinky only

PED Classes
Targets: Your GPA
Difficulty Level: Your mom
Increase Intensity by: Skipping it

Crossing Comstock Ave
Targets: Agility, Anticipation, Ability to make split decisions
Difficulty Level: Dodgeball
Increase Intensity by: Cutting peripheral vision off with a hoodie and listening to iPod

Eating at Ernie Davis: Going back to get seconds, those forgotten utensils, drinks, etc.
Targets: Endurance
Level of Difficulty: Cross Country
Increase Intensity by: Doing it twice

Locating an Unknown Room in Newhouse (read: Mouse Maze)
Targets: Speed walking (meters per second)
Level of Difficulty: Finding Nemo or your faculty adviser, whichever one’s harder
Increase Intensity by: Doing it under 5 minutes

Chasing After Buses
Targets: Your ability to run quickly while banging on the side of the bus loud enough so the driver can acknowledge your existence
Difficulty Level: Rainbow level on Mario Kart Wii
Increase Intensity by: Running with your backpack, purse, guitar case, SLR camera and foam finger

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