During the summer, Marist officials added three new business
classes to the course catalog, bringing the new total to 157 classes, more than
30 times the number of other classes (there are four psychology classes and one
computer science class).


“We looked through all of the classes in our school and
realized that we weren’t covering all the bases, we were strictly offering
classes in Business Administration,” said Marist President Dennis Murray. “So
naturally, we knew we needed to add more classes that were just plain Business,
without the Administration part,” adding, “I think we’re a lot more
well-rounded now.”


The new class titles are: “Mind Your Own Business ““ A Study
in Entrepreneurship,” “Busy Bees ““ How to Make Money Off Honey,” and, “Nobody
Beats the Biz ““ Why Business Majors are the Best.”


Sources say that, soon, the psychology department will be
bought out by the business department. “We’re hoping to get rid of the useless
majors, psychology, computer science, anything that’s not business,” said
Murray. “We’ll keep the classes, just change them a bit.”  Some examples include “Psychology 101:
How to Make Money Off Other People’s Problems,” and “The Science of Computers:
Pay People to Compute for You.”


“We’re broadening our school in leaps and bounds,” said