Dear Person Who Cheated Off Of Me Today,

First off, you shouldn’t assume that I’m a reliable source for answers (or that I’ll be passive about you using me) just because I’m Asian. Yeah, that’s right. I saw you eye me down right before you carefully chose your seat and moved EXTREMELY close to me (nice cologne by the way). What sucks about SOM is the likeliness of heightening geographic proximity due to those wheely office chairs and intruding on others’ personal space. In this case, you were clearly in my face.

I decided to give you the benefit of the doubt until I got to question 21, when I noticed that your page-turning frequency matched mine. Not to mention when I got stuck on a question, so did you.

So I decided to conduct a little experiment by purposely filling in 10 wrong answers in a row. And I find out that you followed suit. I have an amazing peripheral vision by the way (Note: Don’t underestimate Asian eyes). Now I was sure that you were copying from me. Hand sanitizer sure.

I wouldn’t have minded if you had copied 1 or 2 answers from me. Or even 5. Or just the hard ones.

But the entire test? Oh, HELL to the fucking NO.

So that’s why I’m writing to let you know that I deliberately put the wrong answers for the 60 remaining questions and changed them all right after you handed in your test.

Hope you enjoy your 20 (with a confidence interval of 2) SUCCKKAAAA!

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