After our nearly 70 degree sunny day in Syracuse, it is safe to say that spring is on its way. For the average Cuse Student, this is quite a change of pace. We now have a whole new slew of weather-related issues to worry about. Especially one phenomenon we’ve always been able to avoid: the pit stain. However, now that the weather is warming up, pit stains will be abundant and irksome. Here are a few tried and true tips on how to cover up your sweaty sleeves.

  • Upon discovering the pit stain, lay your arms flat across your stomach or chest. It may look like you’re pissed off, but better that than revealing your antiperspirant doesn’t work.
  • Excuse yourself to the bathroom. Use a hand dryer if possible, or mop up your arm pits with paper towels. Let’s hope that snotty, judgmental kid from your class doesn’t walk in on you. Then you’re not stuck with the nickname “Sweaty Steve” until graduation.
  • This is a class you need to participate in, right? (It always is.) When raising your hand, only lift your forearm. Ever so effeminately.
  • Another potential solution is to take your shirt off. Chicks love getting a peek at the goods at 2 PM on a Wednesday. (Or maybe that’s just me…)
  • Screw it buddy, just put your sweatshirt on and suck it up. Think about the poor kids in the South! How do they ever get laid?