DPS was called
to the Flint and Day halls Sunday morning when a mentally disabled patient from
the VA Hospital, referring to himself only as “Zeus”, fled the hospital and
stormed Mt. Olympus. Samantha Jipz, Flint’s Resident Security Advisor, prevented
him from entering the building when she asked, “Do you have your student ID?”
“Zeus” responded violently, shouting, “I’m the king of the gods!” and began
pelting her with sticks he referred to as lightening bolts.


Anonymous female
residents, completing walks of shame, helped out the desk attendant by throwing
the heels they were carrying in their arms. “Zeus” was reported roaring,
“Release the kraken!” to no one in particular.


Casey Andrews,
the RA on duty, rushed to the scene and alerted DPS, who arrived a record 45
minutes later. By that point, Flint and Day were evacuated, and “Zeus” was
celebrating that he had “taken back the home of the gods” and was nearly in the
process of picking out his “consorts”.