Things for St. Louis continue to suck. The residents discovered late Sunday evening that someone other than Albert Pujols has little interest in the city or the fans in general. Oklahoma State’s all-star wide receiver Justin Blackmon has announced that he is demanding a trade from the St. Louis Rams.

This came as a bit of a shock, considering that the 2012 NFL draft has not taken place yet. In fact, the NFL Combine doesn’t even happen until February 22.

“I know I’m not “technically’ on the team yet,” Blackmon said. “But everybody and their mother knows the Rams are going to pick me. They need me.”

Justin Blackmon assured reporters that he was no Eli Manning, who threw a small tantrum after the NFL Draft because he was unhappy with the result.

“Yeah that sounds a lot like me,” Manning said.

Blackmon spent 3 years at Oklahoma State accumulating over 2,500 receiving yards and 40 touchdowns in that span. He appears poised to become the second pick in this year’s draft, even though mock drafts are never right.

“Look, I spent 3 of the ‘best’ years of my life in a place called Stillwater,” Blackmon added. “I don’t know if you’ve ever been, but it’s absolutely terrible. Now I’m going to end up in a place where the water is frozen. I hate the cold.”

The fact that there is not an NBA team in St. Louis also came as a disappointment to Blackmon who is an avid basketball fan. He noted that he would want to be involved in his new city outside of football, but made it clear that hockey and baseball just wouldn’t cut it.

“Obviously our beautiful city has much more to offer than Justin is giving us credit for,” mayor Francis Slay said. “We have”¦ uh”¦ beer, and who could forget about our beautiful Arch. We would love to give him a tour of it. And our water isn’t frozen.”

Justin tweeted soon after that “a steel half circle doesn’t help you win games.”

Off the field, Blackmon is known for his charitable work, as he has developed a close relationship with Olivia Hamilton, a young girl with cancer. For years now, she has given him the inspiration to be a better player and a better man.

“When I see Olivia, I’m inspired”¦ I’m happy,” Blackmon said. “But when I watch the Rams play football, it’s just flat out depressing.”